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“Hi we’re Michelle and Owen Potts. On our travels we have discovered delicious dishes that we want to share with you! 

We are passionate about authentic regionals flavour so all  our recipes were created so that you could easily bring these flavours to your table. Through carefully crafted sauces, condiments and mariandes presented in familiar meal formats, our simple to prepare Sourced Kits enable anyone to capture what the locals have perfected over generations.

Each and every sauce is based on our passion for unearthing the true flavours of loved regional dishes and is inspired by memoriable meals that we have  been cooked by wonderful people we have met on through out the world.We hope that you find these recipes as inspiring as we do and enjoy sharing them with your friends and family.”



Currently we have four simple to use and tasty kits. Two Kebab kits and Two Fish Poaching Kits:

Indonesian Satay Kebab kit

Our Satay Kebab Kit combines an aromatic spiced marinade with the base
for a rich satay sauce to create this authentic Indonesian classic.
Serve as starter or as part of a BBQ or with Nasi Goreng fried rice as a meal.
Michelle’s childhood was spent in Indonesia during which time her family got to know the
most amazing cook, Nur. Nur’s native Sundanese and Indonesian dishes were exceptional and Michelle remembers her Satays being the best in world! On a return visit to Indonesia with Owen,
he had the chance to sample Nur’s cooking and agreed whole heartily with Michelle’s bold claim. Satay is one of Michelle’s comfort foods and consequently has become a Potts family favourite.

Middle Easter Shawarma Kit

Our Shawarma kebab kit combines sumac with a blend of herbs & spices to flavour your meat. Ready to slide on a skewer, pop on a barbeque or under the grill and serve on flatbread
with salad and plenty of our herby & hot Zhoug sauce, it’s a kebab as kebabs should be!
We first came across Shawarma in a Lebanese restaurant where slightly intimidating service from a James Bond baddie lookalike and some amazing aromatic flavours made for an unforgettable meal. More recently our love of Middle Eastern cuisine has been rekindled by pastries from our friend’s Palestinian Father, and fantastic meals we’ve enjoyed with our Lebanese colleagues Imad & Kamal. After many dedicated hours of barbecuing and playing around with spices (such hard work) we’ve cracked the Shawarma marinade and Yemeni Zhoug combination!


Spanish Fish Poaching Kit

Our fragrant poaching kit combines pimentón smoked paprika, thyme and fragrant
saffron, topped with our lemon zest and chilli alioli sauce is a dish made in heaven!
Discovered travelling around the Balearic Islands you cannot beat the food cooked in the many
little beach restaurants where you can see the fish being walked off the boat to the kitchen.
Like all Spanish dishes it’s all about simple but great ingredients.
The alioli we’ve infused with a little lemon zest and chilli we based on a Catalan friend Jose’s recipe but it’s source is also claimed by Castilians, Mercians and occasionally the southern French.


Goan Fish Poaching Kit

From Goa, our favourite spiced fish over poaching kit combines an array of spices to flavour your fish, which plated up on a bed of Pilau rice and topped with the mango ketchup brings a little bit of Goa into your home!

During Owen's trip around India, he made the obligatory trip to Goa. Being an old Portuguese colony there is quite a marked difference between Goa and the rest of India. The Portguese influence was apparent not only from a sudden increase in good catholic names, but the culture and the food. The region cooks a lot of seafoo and one of the flavours Owen remembers most is the Xacuti Spice Blend.