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Today, when you’re surrounded by tech life, you’re encouraged to get back to the basics with the aid of the senses. The source of life has been and always will be food. And because of this, Sourced's passion for food came to life with the help of Owen and Michelle Potts’ travels around the globe.

Food is such a simple thing. But with the help of taste, sight, touch, smell, and even hearing you can be given the gift of the entire world in one simple dish. You can travel the world with your taste buds, experiencing flavours, spices, and aromas in combinations that ooze of history, culture and tradition.

The modern world is a hectic one but food can bring people together. It can be a path to sharing experiences, stories, local ingredients and recipes, connecting people the world over.

How did Sourced come to life?
We are Owen and Michelle Potts and have always been passionate about food. We’ve owned small independent fine food companies for over a decade. And when we go on holiday our experiences always gravitate towards local foods. A country’s history lies in its recipes. Certain ingredients depict not only their traditions and culture, but also that of their conquerors and even neighbours that passed through.

As a foodie couple, we love to explore ethnic shops, markets and restaurants for new dishes and ingredients as a form of getting to know the country and its people. This way, we make new friends who share their passion for enriching their taste buds. So Sourced came to life as a necessity to share stories, recipes and passions. This project is not just a new food business, it’s an invitation to explore new tasty realms and learn about new cultures through their cuisine; every recipe has a story.

You don't always have to travel for authentic regional flavors and that's the gift of the modern world. The founders bring new experiences to your table with crafted sauces, condiments and marinades, so your family can explore the world seated right at the kitchen table. You also don't need to be a professional chef to capture what the locals have perfected over generations. Bring your passion for trying new things sourced from Indonesia, India or Spain, to name a few.

Sourced From adventures and delicious dishes
Food is a human right that everybody should have access to. It has to be fresh, healthy and affordable. In the urban jungle, it can sometimes be hard to think up new ways of delighting your senses. But now, you can travel to any land with a few delicious resources provided by Sourced.

There’s never been an easier way to poach a fish perfectly, Goan or Spanish style, or to rustle up an Indonesia satay kebab. The aromatic, spiced kits wait for you and your friends to cook, serve, share and enjoy. Cooking shouldn’t be a burden; it should be something you savour. Sourced From’s mission is to open your eyes to a whole world of food discovery. It’s about sharing great food with friends and family, and it’s now easier than ever to make delicious meals, inspired by our discoveries from all over the globe.

Recipe sharing is at the heart of what we do and learning about new recipes from around the world is a wonderful thing. We encourage you to share not just the recipes you’ve discovered but also the stories of how you discovered them. So please let us know in the comments below and let’s build a food discovery community! 

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